About MRDB

  We have worked many years for isolation, cultivation and preservation of microorganisms for screening and this project was supported by Ministry of science & Technology. The main purpose of this project is for supporting bio-industries and effective achievement of domestic novo functional bioresources in their research projects. We offer first culture soup for effective screening as needs from academia, industry and research institutes. and secondly we offer microorganisms(manely actinomycetes and fungi) and its related information such as bioactivities, phylogenetic relations and etc.

For promoting the service quality, we are continually studying and developing many technologies.
1) Isolation of rare or new microorganisms as many as possible.
2) Exclusion of duplication between isolated microorganisms.
3) Simple identification methods
4) Culture condition for improving the biosynthetic activities.
5) preservation method of effective and simple for long storage isolated strains and culture soups and soil samples.
6) Metagenomic screenig for non-culturable microorganisms.